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TFT Establishments Rating.               June 2019

Establishments Rating

By John Paul Bakshoian

             NOTE:  This is similar to the article in Hexagram #10 Inns and Taverns by Christopher Rice.

Our Premiere Michellinda Touring Guide is made especially for international merchants, itinerant journeymen and long distance haulers who must travel routes unknown to them and are prey to the vagaries of local accommodations.

We use the classification rating system created by the Hansa League Merchant's Guild of Cidri for their continental traders who have to go from country to country and want references they can trust.

There are several scholars who have done these compilations over the centuries:  Michellinda Beauregard's is our most popular and respected editor.  

This Rating System can be used by GMs to get a sense of the quality of Eating, Lodging, Stabling businesses. The rating goes from one star being POOR to five stars being BEST with N/A being Not Applicable.  The GM need not rate everything and in fact might just assign one overall rating for the establishment.  Prices are for Hansa League continent only and might not match prices on GM's portion of Cidri.

Our Rating System   The Five Stars

Appendix A

The Michellinda Guide Glossary

The Michellinda Guide has standardized some of the nomenclature for your convenience:

·  A Tavern is an establishment that serves food and drink.  It is primarily a place to eat/drink, though occasionally it may have lodging.

·  An Alehouse is an establishment for the lower classes that only serves beer and food.  (Most poor families couldn't afford to get beer by the keg, so they go to Alehouse to entertain guests.)

·  An Inn is a Tavern that is licensed to have lodgers.  It is primarily a place to sleep.  No guest cooking in rented rooms.

·  A Restaurant is an upscale establishment that serves cooked food to seated patrons. It may have limited hours and might not serve alcohol.  There is no lodging.

·  Road House – An inn that has a stabling area for wagons, along with other services like Post and meetinghouse.

·  Caravansary is a fort-like establishment that houses caravans (merchant camels and their baggage.)

·  Pilgrim Hostel is a short-term guest room in a church for faithful travelers for donations or no fee.  It might also provide food.

·  King's Courier Stations are a series of government Post set up a day's journey from each other to stable horses for speedy royal journeys.  They may have small sparse accommodations for privileged nobles/government travelers.

Appendix B

The Michellinda Guide has determined the median for Accommodations on the continent where the Hansa League dwells:


Appendix C

Example – Bendwyn Map, ITL page 168

Comments:  We found the Broken Blade to be expensive ($12 for private room to $3 for pallet and stew; but the quality offered for the price was good.  Their Stabling was great, but at an expensive $2/day.)

               The Michellinda Guide

               Village of Bendwyn - 3 establishments