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TFT Rumor Hooks inspired by rock music.  Page 2

Message - Letter from Fanny, in broken common.

Ef yer goin back ta Nazret with'n yer boat, please be obliged to take a load off'n me.  I can' go there rite now, ya knows why.  

Luke's dyin o' the chest rot, an he's got my Anna Lee.  Ye remembers my daughter?  'Bout seven now.  Luke'll want ye to stay there.  Don't.  'N say nuthin to Miss Moses.

Beware of Carmen.  I knows you two were like ken, but that was then.  Heared she's hangin' out with unsav'ry ilk now.

I knows them band of pirates are sendin ya for armament; ta brings back ball and cannon powder for the Cause.  Well, Jack's a wolfshead 'n violent.  He'll be hard ta find.  Chester might know his where'bouts.  Keep yer wits about ye and don't get fogged in yer drinks, then that damned shipmender Chester will hev ye doin' all sorts of errands for him.

Thas all I have to say.  Give regards to everyone in Nazret.  

God bless ya, Fanny

- John Paul Bakshoian, referencing R. Robertson

Article – in paper

Town of L'angstwelinski, forest of Luv'lewelinski

A peasant has reported a monster lurking there in the forest.   He said he heard it drooling by the door to his cottage.  Said his father told him not to worry, but then father should have run.  Because he was eaten by the Monster of Luv.  “It chewed him up and spit him out, leaving him with gooey eyes and sickly lips.”  

The peasant continued raving “Don't let it get me!!!”

- John Paul Bakshoian, referencing R & R Mael

Overheard -

You overheard someone (of a neighboring kingdom) raving about a Necromancer entertainer and his skeleton band called The Ungrateful Dead. They will be touring in a big city near you.

- John Paul Bakshoian

Encounter - Assignment

You're to pick up your next assignment from a minstrel named Willie.

He performs down on the corner (actually it's on the street) early in the evening, by the courthouse.  You can unwind and get some dinner afterwards.

Him and the Poorboys playin' happy noise.  Foursome.  Washboard, Gut Bass, Mandolin, Harmonica and Kazoo.  Willy does a little dancing too.  People come from all around to experience this magic.  Brings em up.

Everyone lays a nickel into the hat if they can. But if only got a penny, the audience can just tap their feet instead.

You will toss a silver into it.  This will signal Willie to play the tune that will indicate your project for the next week.

Oh, and Willie is just a kid.  So don't expect too much from him.

-     John Paul Bakshoian, referencing J. Fo Gerty

Poster – [One of the PCs finds an old printed flier of a carnival]

Come and see the show! The 9th Karn;

The Gypsy Queen performs with Guillotine;

Xander's Ragged Timed orchestra plays;

All exhibits are exclusively the Karn's,

Including Seven Virgins and a Mule performing on a stool;

There is a vorpal blade of grass behind a dome of glass;

Visit The House of Vaudeville;

Demi-demon fighting cocks with Thrills and shocks!;

And a show that never ends…

- John Paul Bakshoian, referencing K. Emerson

Overheard - scholar's conversation with a wizard

In Graeme's treatise on Magic Phantasmagora, he considers the moon's effect on the senses and how it relates to illusions.  He comments that the properties of color are recognizable in the day but that that “Cold hearted Orb,” the moon, “removes the colors from our sight” at night; fading some colors.  So he surmises that we decide if the shirt's red color is really grey or the glove's yellow is really white in the moonlight.  He asks which color is the illusion? Since illusions are in part fed by the observers, an illusion will always act as the average type of thing it is.

- John Paul Bakshoian, referencing G. Edge

Poster - Ancient Playbill

Grandest Night of the season!

And positively the Last Night but Three!

Being for the Benefit of Mssr. Kight,

(Late of Well's circus) and

Mssr J Henerson, The celebrated Somerset Thrower!

Wire dancer, vaulter, rider and

On Tuesday Evening.  Messrs Kight and Henerson, in announcing the following entertainments, assures the public that this night's production will be of the most splendid ever produced in this town, having been some days in preparation.

Mssr. Kight will, for this night only, introduce the celebrated Herry the Horse.  Well known to be one of the best Broke Horses in the world!  Mssr Henerson will undertake the arduous task of throwing twenty-one somersets on the solid ground.  Mssr. Kight will appear for the first time this season on the tight rope, when Two Gentlement Amateurs of this Town will perform with him.  Mssr. Henerson will for the first time in Rochdale, introduce his extraordinary Trampoline leaps and sumersets! Over men and horses, through hoops, over garters and lastly through a Hogshead of Real Fire!  In this branch of the profession, Mssr. H. challenges the world!,

- John Paul Bakshoian, referencing J. Lennon


Arlo said yer lookin' fer sumthin'.  I think I ken help ye.  

There be a place outside of Stokbridj.  'bout half-a mile from the racetrack.  Go past the church wi' the bell-tower.  Go around the back of the building and walk right in.  It's the restaurant of Alice.

You can get anything you want there.  You'll be thanking a dinner that can't be beat.

- John Paul Bakshoian, referencing A. Guthrie

Overheard - You overhear a conversation of two drunk bruisers talking about a barfight they had.

“We were in the Danzall fer days and into our cups.

Were crazed, ya know, when Hugh, 'n ev'ryone we knew…

Well, Ah believe, Dew, twas a bottle he threw.”

And then the other brute gets excited recounting the brawling.

“And then ya takes yer enemy by the hand,

'n make him do a headstand.

And ya trip your enemy at the heel,

And you know all the pain he can feel.

Then ya takes an enemy by the hair

'n stab him close, there there there.

And bit your enemy on the ear.

A make him realize his darkest fear.”

The original drunk says “Yup, 'n I sees rings on his fingers so's

I grab my enemy by the wrist,

Cutting off an amethyst”

Says the other “Yea, and put the eyes black and blue.

Then, you kneed him as he knees you!”

"Bloody hell of a fight.”

They both quiet down and contemplate in silence.

- John Paul Bakshoian, referencing Costin, Feldman and Hues


It is said by the mountain people that the primeval forest is filled with nightmares.  One must not walk slowly through there, better to run through the jungle and not look back to see.  For there are demons on the loose and if you hear a rumbling, it may be calling out your name.

-  John Paul Bakshoian, referencing J. Fo Garty

Overheard – two patrons at breakfast in a small town inn.

“Merchant are you? Takin' yer wares to the Faire in Scarborough?”

“Yes, I bring _(Insert item)_ for this years vending.  I have a request from our town apothecary to get much herbal components:  Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Tyme and the like.

I also am looking for my uncle, Master _(insert name)_.  Might you know where he be?”

“_(Name)_ hhmm, _(name)_.  Oh yes, he's on an acre of land between the salt water and the sea strand. On the side of a hill.  Many Weeping Willows trees. He wears a cambric shirt, head to toe.  Quite the fashion there.    Huh.”  He then angles his head and seems to be quoting  “'Remember me to the ones who live here, they were once a true love of mine.'  Well, I must be going.  Good luck and Good Day to you.”



Scarborough = A large town by the coast.

Scarborough Faire = a famous once every four year commercial gathering to sell wool, bolts of cloth and other crafts.

There is a one acre ancient family graveyard on the coast.  It is bordered by a salt marsh and the sea channel of Mosley Island.

The entrance sign to the family plot reads “Remember me to the ones….”

- John Paul Bakshoian, referencing P Simon.


A half century ago, there was a firedrake that terrorized the Bohanna Leeward Isle for a half-dozen years or so.  Pouphe the dragon was inseparable from a companion boy named Juanito ZigZags, who obtained for the dragon magical components such as twined items, wax of sealing, painted wings and giant's rings and other stuff of fancy.

They would maraud in a sailing vessel it was said; Royalty had to prostrate and pirate ships would lower their flags when Pouphe roared.

And then it suddenly came to an end; the fearless roars ceased.  There was no sightings of the boy Juanito or Pouphe.  Rumor were many:  that Dragons live forever, but that the little boy did not; that the sky had rained green scales when Juanito came no more; that Pouphe sadly slipped into his cave.

I've heard tell recently that Peter the Bard has delved into the comments and songs of this tale.  He discounts that these are musings of drug-induced stupor.  Peter believes that he has tracked down one who should know:  a Jackie Paper, who presently resides in the Honalee Old Sailor's Home.  Peter thinks this Jack might be able to summon up Pouphe once more.

-  John Paul Bakshoian, referencing L. Leonard and P. Yarrow