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Here is a listing of many websites about The Fantasy Trip.  Most of these are made by fans of the game and deal with the original Metagaming version of the 1980s.

There are some that are now including the Legacy version.

Compiled by John Paul Bakshoian.  Current as of October 2021.


If you come across sites dealing with TFT that are not on the list or if you want your TFT data on here, send me an email at: and put TFT in the subject line.  You can also let me know if a link does not work.   then click on archives of the TFT list

The mother of all TFT sites.  Started in June 1998, these are articles, ideas, discussions, suggestions and comments by fans about the original TFT.  Over 20 years of in depth fun. 

Home page to Hartley’s The Fantasy Trip website.  This is a routing page with many connecting links.

A TFT Wiki page.  Rules and Variations, Talents, Spells, Races & Bestiary, TFT Basics, Homebrew Adventures, Crossroads Cidri, Famous Fantasy characters w/ TFT stats, Game Aids,   Rick Smith

This site has various essays and files on TFT.

List of Original Metagaming TFT rulebooks and TFT in Interplay Mag

TOC of each Interplay Mag

Metagaming Game Index and Descriptions

Andrew Morriss  Homebrew rules

Ty Beard’s TFT Traveller   Ty Beard

New Weapons & Armor, Job Risk Rolls, High Tech TFT

Mark’s TFT page.  Counters, Rules, Armor, Tech Level, Strength, Monsters

Resouce for TFT.  Campaigns, Beastiary, Magic Items, TFT Rules for AirBender*?, House Rules*?, Harry Potter House Rules*?

Arthurian Tales inspired by TFT & Grail Quest

Great site with House Rules, Spells, Talents, Bestiary, BEST OF ALL a great TFT Links page updated 12/2018.  Fear in TFT

Battle Report and comparison of TFT vs GURPS vs Legends of the Ancient World

Making hex terrain, photos of games, scenarios

Google Communities The Fantasy Trip page

TFT Campaign World

TFT Campaign World routing page

TFT Campaign World, TFT Website Links

Races, character flaws, Equipment List

TFT Clones      David Grouchy

TFT Campaign World, house rules, Solo Adventures   Bret Slocum

Bill Seurer’s House Rules, TFT Tekumel

Cobb has a section on his website for RPG TFT.  Adventures, TFT Fanfict Stories, Homebrew rules and I especially like his My Take On Certain Rules of the Game: Going through ITL commenting on rules by page number.  I love that.

Anthony Shostak’s gameworld, New TFT Monsters and musings on all things The Fantasy Trip

Homebrew Rules, TFT Errata    Cas Liber

New Monsters, Animals, Plants, Cidri Data

New Monsters, Hexes

Comparisons to Dark City Games rules

Campaign set in Elyntia.  Cidri, Bendwyn and other locations.  Additional rules & Spells.  Mnoren as Gods.

TFT Blog from 1 Aug to 17 Aug

Players of The Fantasy Trip by Steve Jackson Games.  Don’t know much about it.  Looks like it might be online gaming?

Anomylous wizard page

A GURPS world that can be adapted to TFT

TFT Blog

TFT Limited Publishing Agreement Coming Soon.  Still no more data since February 2020


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