Kelly’s platoon drives to the top of a hill to wait out the day.  The vehicles that survived the Town mortaring are parked on a tree covered hilltop and everyone is unprepared and scattered around.  All troopers and most vehicles will be concealed from view.  Some troopers might even be in cover.  Then the US P-47 Thunderbolt flies by.  See NEW RULES – KH STRAFING RUN below.






Unlike the movie, US Plane in this KH scenario strafes twice with machine guns and twice with rockets.  Any vehicles damaged (but not destroyed) will run ¼ speed slower.  Any vehicles destroyed are burning.  Hopefully you retrieve your equipment before vehicles are destroyed.  Objective is to either drive away some or all vehicles OR pull out equipment during the strafing.  Germans scouts will be there in an hour to investigate so you need to move out soon.


Set up your table.  Then set vehicles and troops on table.  Scenario starts with Kelly’s troops surprised as the P-47 makes its run.  


1) Infantry gets first activation automatically.  They can run for cover or they can attempt to remove equipment from vehicles.  See ‘Rescue Equipment’ below.


2) Now roll next activation.  On it’s activation, the plane strafes.  The plane can come in at any side.  Determine entry side by 1d6 roll:  1=left, 2=front, 3=right, 4=rear, 5&6= reroll.  Divide entry side up into 12 sections and roll 2d6.  That is the spot the strafing starts.  Roll 2d6 for exit (opposite the entrance side) and that is the exit spot.  Then make a straight line using string from entrance spot to exit spot for the bullet/rocket path. 


3) Now check the planes machine guns.  Are they centered on the fuselage or spread out on the wings.  Determine how many inches from the centerline you need to put your bullet path  For P47, its arbitrarily 1” on each side of the centerline and pilot Rep =4.  See below for weapon fire.


4)  Fighter Plane bullet weapons are:  MMG, HMG and small cannons.


Machine Guns/Cannons

If victim is in the path (and not in cover), it is possibly hit.  Roll Ranged Fire Table, then Received Fire table.  Data from NUTS! 2nd Edition 






Strafe line



Strafe Line



Strafe line every 1/2 inch





Rockets:  Use same strafing lines, except only best target along strafe lines is attacked.  Determine how many rockets were fired.  [P47 can fire 1 rocket from each wing each turn at 1” of centerline.]

       Roll to hit for each rocket. 





Small Rocket




Medium Rocket

5" diameter


1" diameter



If you missed, find out where rocket hit:  Centered on target, roll 1d6 to determine direction and 1d6 to determine distance in inches.  Apply rocket damage to what was hit.


Bombs*:  Use same strafing lines for bombing path.  Determine how many bombs were dropped.   Determine what your main target was.  Half of your bombs release in front of this target and half go behind.  They fall in a line 5” apart for small bombs, 8” for medium and 12” for large bombs. If a bomb drops directly on the vehicle (bomb placement touches vehicle), use Penetration Table.  If a bomb misses, but is still in the diameter spread, Impact is -1 to APR.

*Bombs are listed here for those who want to them.






Small Bombs



1" diameter

Medium Bombs

7" diameter


2" diameter

Large Bombs

9" diameter


3" diameter

                  *use top armor for any vehicle.


After this strafe, it takes 2 more activations for the plane to get in position for its second strafe.  Repeat above until the P47 has strafed twice and fired twice.

P-47 Fighter

US Aircraft(1)

Main Gun(2)

Fuselage MGs(3)

Wing MGs(4)








2 MMG/1"





(1)    Type of aircraft.

(2)    If different than Machine Guns, designates type (possibly 20mm cannon.)

(3)    If plane has MG along centerline, notes quantity and type.

(4)    If plane has MG along wing, notes quantity and type and how far from Centerline the bullets rip.

(5)    If plane has rockets along wing, notes quantity and how far from Centerline the rockets rip.

(6)    If plane has bombs along wing, notes quantity and type and how far from Centerline the bombs drop.

(7)    If plane has torpedoes, notes quantity and how far from Centerline the torpedo drops.



5)  Rescuing Equipment  (This will affect the rest of the game.)


A figure can take 2 items per turn out of a vehicle.  They are:

KH Rescue Equipment


# of items

Small Arms (SMG or Rifle)(1)


Ammo for SMG/Rifles(2)


30 Cal MMG


Ammo for 30 Cal(3)




Ammo for Bazookas(4)


Field Radio(5)


Pack Radio(6)


Satchel Charges


Satchels of Grenades(7)


Rations for 15 for 3 days(8)


(1)  At this time, each of Kelly’s troops has 2 weapons:  Their regular rifles and the just  gotten Thompsons.  If all 15 small arms are recovered, they have all their weapons and can cut back and forth as they scenarios play out.  The less small arms they recover, the more you will have to assign which weapons they have for the rest of the game.

(2)  If they salvage all 6 ammos, then they have an unlimited supply for SMG and Rifles for the whole game.  The less ammo they recover, the more they have to watch the TIGHT AMMO rule (NUTS! 2nd Edition page 23).  If from 5 to 3 ammo units are salvaged, then each soldier has 2 clips on them they can use each scenario.  If 1 or 2 units are salvaged, then each soldier has 1 clip on them that they can use each scenario.  If none are salvaged, then they run out of ammo each TIGHT AMMO situation until the next scenario.

(3)  if they salvage both 30 Cal ammos, they have unlimited supply.  If they salvage only 1, then they can run out of ammo twice each gun each scenario.  If they don’t salvage any, they only have enough for each gun to run out once and that is that.

(4)  if they salvage both boxes of rockets, they have unlimited supply.  If they salvage only 1 box, then they have only 6 rounds total.  If they don’t salvage any, they don’t have any rounds.

(5)  These are walkie-talkies and there are two.  They cover your immediate gaming table and each adjacent table if you had adjacent tables.  These can work with Pack Radios.  (Historically the can't because walkie-talkies were AM and Pack Radios were FM.)  They get what they salvage.

(6)  These are backpack radios and there are two.  They cover at least to General Colt’s command center in Nancy (about 30 miles away).  These can work with the Field Radios (walkie-talkie).  They get what they salvage.

(7)  if they salvage both satchels of grenades, they have unlimited supply.  If they salvage only 1 satchel, then they have 12 grenades total.  If they don’t salvage any, they don’t have any grenades.

(8)  If they salvaged all 15 Rations, then they have an unlimited supply for the whole game.  If from 14 to 7 rations are salvaged, they just get a little hungry.  If they salvage only 6 to 4 rations, they are a lot hungry, but they should get some relief when they meet up with Oddball’s Army.  If they salvage none to 3 rations, then they are extremely hungry by Clermont and must take LOOTER-FOOD (NUTS! Page 7) attribute and each starving soldier must Loot at least one place for food and drink.  Once fed, they lose the LOOTER attribute.


Some examples of what a soldier can carry:

A rifle, a backpack

A rifle, a backpack, a tripod

A 30 Cal Machine Gun, a backpack

A Rifle, a backpack, ammo bundles

A rifle, pack radio, ammo bundles…

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