Game Assumptions & Scenario Matrix

Kelly’s Heroes is gamed with US Infantry.  

It is assumed that before Nancy, Maitland’s platoon was about ½ strength.  It was reported that Eddie and his ½ track were hit during that battle. Eddie is included but 1 Rep less than normal.  You can leave Eddie out if you want to.

Normally Big Joe’s troops are mostly Rep 5 veterans as they have been fighting since Normandy.  To factor in the “we’re doing this one for ourselves”, they were given HARD AS NAILS (page 7 of NUTS! 2nd Edition) to show their high morale.  This HARD AS NAILS resets for each scene.

Germans have lousy Reps because in this movie only 3 of the heroes died on this whole excursion and there was plenty of Germans firing.  (Well, yes… Whisky’s & Mo’s tanks bit the dust.  And, well, some of “Oddball’s Army” died too.)  

The Attributes were assigned by watching the movie and by guess.  Feel free to change them.  

When you see 'KH' (Kelly’s Heroes) in the rules, it usually means that the rules reflect the Movie and not how it might be played for a strictly historical scenario.


NUTS! Rule Changes specific to Kelly’s Heroes.

KH MODIFICATION TO RETIRE RULE for Kelly’s Troops and Oddball’s Tankers (but not Oddball’s Army.)  If one of our Heroes does a full exit off the board because of a Retire, they are not totally out of the game.  They have simply run away and hid until the fighting for that encounter has ended.  Then they have a 1d6 (1-4) chance of regaining their nerve and eat crow and go back to the group.  If they roll (5-6) they are either too lost or scared to find the group.  Those that exit and return either are so shaken in their military prowess that they are permanently reduced by 1 REP or they keep their REP but gain COWARD attribute (your choice.)

Kelly’s Heroes Scenarios

Here is the Scenario Matrix.  Each scenario will be explained below along with the framework for the army lists which you will have to fill out.  Also any new rules pertinent to playing that scenario.

KELLY'S HEROES Gaming Scenarios

Scenario Name

Type of Mission


Town Barrage

Kelly's Vehicles(1)



Kelly's Vehicles





Minefield/Roadside Minefield

Kelly's Vehicles OR Kelly


Big Bridge

Kelly's Vehicles OR Kelly, Oddball, Support Units



Kelly's Vehicles OR Kelly, Oddball, Support Units(2)

(1)  This would be Kelley’s troops riding in vehicles.  If they don’t ride, then they are just Kelly.

(2)  Support Unit might actually make it here.

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