WWII Reference books

These are WWII books that I have read for pleasure and to learn more about particular details of the war.  

Broad Range of the War

The American Heritage Picture History of World War II Vol I & II  (By Sulzberger, American Heritage Publishing, 1966) 

Campaign Specific

The Italian Campaign  (by Robert Wallace, Time-Life Books, 1978)

Liberation (by Martin Blumenson, Time-Life Books, 1978)

An Army At Dawn (Rick Atkinson, Owl Books, 2002)

The Day of Battle (Rick Atkinson, Holt, 2007)

Particular Groups

Brothers In Arms (By Kareem Abduhl-Jabbar, Broadway, 2004)

Soldat: Reflections of a German Soldier 1936-49 (by Siegried Knappe, Orion Books, 1992)

Naples '44: A World War II Diary of Occupied Italy  (Norman Lewis, Carrol & Graf, 1978)

Recon Scout (by Fred Salter, Ballentine Books, 1994)

The Men of Company K (Leinbaugh & Campbell, Bantam Books, 1985)

A Walk In The Sun (by Harry Brown, Signet, 1944)

Home Fronts (US & British)

Rich Relations (by David Reynolds, Random House, 1995)

Since You Went Away (Donald Rogers, Arlington House, 1973)

Virtue Under Fire (John Costello, Little Brown, 1985)

Ernie Pyle in England (Ernie Pyle, McBride, 1941)

The Art of War

The Art of Deception in Warfare  (by Colonel Michael Dewar, David & Charles, 1989)

Deception in World War II (by Charles Cruickshank, Oxford Press, 1979)

GI Ingenuity (by Carafano, Stackpole Books, 2006)

World War II Combat Reconnaissance Tactics (Osprey Elite #156, 2007)

World War II Street-Fighting Tactics (Osprey Elite #168, 2008)

World War II Axis Booby Traps and Sabotage Tactics (Osprey Elite 100, 2009)


Bill Mauldin's Army (by Mauldin, William Sloan Assoc, 1951)

The Indestructable Jeep  (Denfeld & Fry, Balentine Books, 1973)

Unexplained Mysteries of World War II (William Breuer, John Wiley & Sons, 1997)

King Rat (by James Clavell, Dell, 1962)

See Here Private Hargrove (by Marion Hargrove, Pocket Books, 1942)

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