Fantasy Chess®

The chess variant Fantasy Chess is a chess game with a layer of wargaming added.  Click for the Fantasy Chess website.  For how to build your own sets, click here.


The following is a battle report of the 'core' game of Fantasy  Chess.  Fantasy Chess uses standard chess rules along with co-occupation of squares and combat dice.  The full game of Fantasy Chess would also include Withdrawal, Queen expulsion, Healing and Carrying.  This particular game took 26 turns. (Note:  You can use Fantasy Chess pieces or traditional chess board Stanton pieces for this game.)



Those Involved:  Red Orcs vs. Blue Humans


Chessboard:  The Red Orcs have bypassed the main Blue army and are heading through the valley.  A contingent of Blue Humans has been ordered to intercept and they come across the Orcs at the small village of K'Yetchen.



The Red Orc army      All rank 0.

King:  Keeng

Queen:  Kveen

Bishops:  BeeshupWa'an, BeeshupTooh

Knights:  HorseWa'an, HorseTooh

Rooks:  RukWaan, RukTooh

Pawns:  PehWaan, PehTeuh, PehThre, Pehfo', PehFi'ev, PehSiex, PehSe'en, Pehayet

The Blue Human army      All rank 0.

King:  KingSir

Queen:  Queeny

Bishops:  BishopJuan, BishopTuo

Knights:  KnightJuan, KnightTuo

Rooks:  CastelloJuan, CastelloDos

Pawns:  PeeJuan, PeeTuh, PeeThree, PeeFor, PeeFiver, PeeSixer, PeeSevn, PeeAte



Keeng of the Red Orcs arrived at the village just as KingSir assembles on the southern perimeter.

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